For festivals and events organizers, artists and bands on tour ...

IDPNT tour & services 

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Tour van rental

Mercedes Sprinter 8 seats 1 bunk + 6m3.

Volkswagen Transporter 5 to 8 seats + 2m3.

Mercedes Classe V 8 places + 2m3.


IDPNT Tour & services, rent your tour van (tourism licence).

Our vans are perfectly shaped and equipped for artists and bands on tour. We can also provide drivers , soundmen ...

Equipments : TV, wifi, gps, 220V ...

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Backline rental

Fender, Marshall, Vox, Gibson, Gretsch, Musicman, Zildjian ... 

IDPNT Tour & services, rent your backline

In tour or in studio, all the classics "amp / guitar / bass / drums" and some more treasures.

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Private Chauffeurs

Mercedes Classe V long Version - luxury van - 7 passengers.

Other vehicules on quote.

IDPNT tour & services, book your professionnal driver.

Located in Nantes (FR), our company provides drivers for rides and provisions with one or several vehicules in Brittany and on the French west coast.