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He prefered to say he'd prefer not to.
Jerome Vermorel has always evolved in a cultural events environment including structures of high stature. However, he recentered his professional goals on the creation of his own company two years ago : IDPNT. He naturally chose the acronym of Bartelby's  favorite sentence « I'D Prefer Not To » but unlike the hero of Melville, Jerome doesn't refuse to work. Now, he is independant and wants to be close to his customers in a people-friendly company : his own.
Being a musician himself, the founder of IDPNT comes from a rock and roll background. In addition to his passenger transportation activity of «  tour and services » , Jerome went into partnership with his friend Yvan Loizeau. Together, they can provide the whole complete backline that could be necessary to bands that would be recording in a studio or be on tour.

A band needs to be picked up from the airport ? A van and a professionnal driver will be immediately sent.
An artist needs to be discretely and cosily escorted ? IDPNT will take care of this service in a big luxury vehicle.

You  need a fully equiped van adapted to the necessities of your future tour ? Several ranges of vehicles with different configurations will be available. 

You need a driver ? A soundman ? A lightman ? A tour manager ? IDPNT will suggest you the right person. 
IDPNT ? What if you'd finally prefer to ?